Albakkal Distribution

Being experts in food business, SANKAR Group established Al Bakkal Company for food and chemicals trade and distribution in 2005 to operates in local and international markets.

Al Bakkal Company has marketing team that makes it unique in operating professionally and always aims to give the top satisfaction to its customers, in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Turkey.

On the other hand, it has well established connections with big manufacturers and distributors around the World to play a key brokering role in the food business.


Peanuts:Originated from: Sudan, India, China, Argentine
Available product: Bold and blanched peanuts (Whole and splits). All needed sizes.


Sesame seeds from Sudan, Nigeria, and India
Available products: Ghadarif sesame, Whitish sesame and reddish sesame.


Sunflower seeds originated from China and Turkey.
Types available: 361/363/601/5009